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Warzone Season 3 Monarch UAV Updated!


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MW2019 / Warzone UAV is back! All who had lifetime can use there previous key & continue to use the UAV to its full extent!

All new customers & those wanting to purchase the UAV can get it from our store for $20 Monthly using the following links, YES this UAV does show ghosted.

Purchase with card: https://ominate.io/store/product/58-warzone-mw2019-uav-1-month-card/
Purchase with crypto: https://ominate.io/store/product/57-warzone-mw2019-uav-1-month/

Those with our PRO cheat variant or who purchased before we swapped to one product "around a week ago" will now have UAV in your misc. tab & it can be toggled on or off!

We hope everyone enjoys, we are one of the only providers that currently have a working UAV!

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