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  • Are your cheats safe & good to use with Ricochet anti-cheat? Will I get a ban for using them?
    - Our cheats are as safe as they come, at Ominate account security is our number one priority.

    Is OminateCheats streamproof?
    - Yes & the best part is we do not require third party mapping software, just plug in your controller & cheat away!

    What CPU's do you support? What about windows versions?
    - At Ominate we support intel & AMD processors, as long as you are on winver 21h1 & above you are good to go!

    Is it safe for me to buy cheats with my credit/debit card?
    - YES! It is completely safe for you to do so as we use a third party card processor, your card information never touches our site or server!

    How do I know if the products are updated when blizzard releases new updates?
    - You can always check our official status page through the following link: https://ominate.io/status/

    Do you accept resellers of your products?
    - YES! If you would like to gain more information please visit the following page: https://ominate.io/resell/

    Well, all of my questions have been answered, how do I get my hands on these cheats!
    - You can purchase through the following link: https://ominate.io/store/

    Any further questions or information that you would like to know can be obtained through a ticket on site or through our discord!
    - Discord: https://discord.gg/codcheat
    - Support: https://ominate.io/support/


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