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    • Freezing and BSOD issues after our latest update should be solved, if you are still experiencing issues please open a ticket!
    • Feature Update: - Disconnect & rubber bullet bypass has been added! - No longer will you get disconnected at 5 - 15 kills nor will you get rubber bullets for RAGING! - Go all out & cheat on wz how the game was meant to be played! Purchase through the following link! https://ominate.iot/store
    • Our Permanent Spoofer for COD is now released to the public! Pricing starts at $200 lifetime as this is a permanent product. Pricing will increase to $300 after the first week! COD Permanent Spoofer (Lifetime) Never spoof again with our permanent COD spoofer! Permanently block COD from reading your serials! System stays spoofed until you format! Run one time & never have to second guess if your spoofed or not! Got banned using some shit cheat? Not to worry load up another account & play to your hearts desire! Working for the following games: - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 - Call of Duty: Warzone - Call of Duty: Vanguard - Call of Duty: Cold War Spoofer Information: - Does not effect windows activation or registry - Will not interrupt or prevent windows updates - Will not prevent other programs from operating normally! - Will not cause bans in other games! Purchase lifetime of our Permanent COD spoofer below! https://ominate.io/store/product/91-cod-permanent-spoofer-lifetime/
    • Massive warzone feature update! The following has been added... - 2D Radar - Rapid Fire - Major ESP overhaul including "Full item ESP, Lethals ESP & More!" - Expect another update in the coming weeks with some new features.. 😉 You can purchase through the following link! https://ominate.io/store/
    • After further investigation we will be  discontinuing our vanguard cheat, I know there are some of you who main on this game & this is terrible news for you, however we will be transitioning all active vanguard keys over to warzone & we will also be resetting the time on your keys. The transfer of keys should be complete in one to two days tops, which we will make another announcement when this is complete. With this in mind we will have more time to work on warzone as a whole and perfect the cheat in its entirety. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this manner, feel free to reach out to us through support. Thank you everyone for understanding & continuing to be a part of Ominate! - Kyle
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